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CEFC 16.06.2013 pm

II Kings 5:15 and “Naaman: now I know …”

CEFC 16.06.2013 am

Galatians 6:14 and “The impact of the cross”

CEFC 02.06.2013 pm

Romans 10:3 and “The danger of presumption”

CEFC 02.06.2013 am

Psalm 73 and “corrected perspective”

The Father sent the Son …

What do we celebrate at Christmas? David Price points to twelve words found in I John 4:14 that tell us … The Father sent the Son to be the Saviour of the world

How can I give you up?

The prophecy of Hosea has much to say about the relationship of God & His people, with their sin being portrayed not so much as rebellion against a Sovereign but rather unfaithfulness to a loving Husband.  A sermon from Hosea 11:8 by David Price

Salvation offered

The prophecy of Joel warns of an imminent judgement, but shows that there is a way of escape if action is taken.  A sermon from Joel 2:32 by David Price

Don’t think it can’t happen here

It may be easy to write off other nations and other cultures when they do not worship the Christian God; but have we any right to assume that judgement cannot come to our own nation?  A sermon from Amos 6:10 & 9:10 by David Price

Lessons from Edom

What does God say to those who oppose & undermine His people? and what lessons or warnings must we learn from them?  A sermon from Obadiah by David Price

God’s amazing patience …

The story of God’s rebellious servant & God’s amazing patience with him – and lessons we can glean?  A sermon from Jonah by David Price

Walking humbly with so great a God

 A sermon from Micah by David Price

Enough is enough …

 A sermon from Nahum by David Price

Will you trust Me?

 A sermon from Habakkuk by David Price

The day of the Lord

 A sermon from Zephaniah by David Price

Consider your ways

 A sermon from Haggai by David Price

God is working His purposes out

 A sermon from Zechariah by David Price

Arguing with God

 A sermon from Malachi by David Price